The Team





CEO & Lead Designer: Allison Enge


Motto: “I love Jesus, but I cuss a little. . . okay, a lot”

Writing my own bio is a little scary. I never planned on owning a business, being a florist, or having an online store. At the age of 33, I suffered a massive stroke which ultimately ended my old life, and I had to start my new one. I am married with 2 children.  Hannah (the website designer) is a college student at that University of Minnesota studying to be something that I don’t understand. Nolan is a Freshman at Lincoln High School. I couldn’t do what I do if it wasn’t for my husband supporting me and my crazy ideas. I am blessed enough to say that I love what I do, and my only wish in life is that I was younger so I could do what I do longer in life. To my family and friends thank you for loving me, supporting me. To the community, thank you for allowing me to serve you. To anyone reading this who has hit a roadblock in their life, it’s never too late to become the person that your mom and dad told you that you could be.


Beautification Specialist : Lacey Simoneau


Motto: “Get used to it, it’s what I do”

Overflowing with creativity, Lacey provides unique and forward thinking interior trends into the store. With a background in interior design, she is driven to create cohesive displays worth bringing into your own home. By pulling together concepts and themes quickly she can make literally something out of nothing. Not only will you see her dancing in the store with Allison, but she also owns a dance studio so she can share her passion with others. Lacey’s energetic soul and “glass half full” attitude constantly radiates everywhere she goes. 


Assistant Store Manager: Koko Pesch 


Koko has been a member of The Shed family since December of 2016.  Koko comes from an extensive retail background working in small locally owned boutiques and also big box stores.  Koko brings a wealth of knowledge to The Shed, because she is versatile and is able to assist in all areas. She has an art background and creates the most stunning floral pieces. Koko is engaged to be married this coming September to Cody (they are one in the same). To say that we absolutely love this girl is an understatement, she is forever apart of our “Shed family”.


Director of Fulfillment Services: Alicia Schneider



Alicia is the newest member of The Shed family and truly fits like a glove. She is married to Jeff and they have 3 absolutely captivating children. She has taking a leadership role at The Shed of making sure that everything is structured and streamlined and not afraid to learn new things. Her attention to detail and understanding the processes and procedures and coming up with new ideas is something that makes this addition to an online store seamless. We are so blessed to have this girl apart of our family and the hugs and kisses from her children are an added bonus!


Content Creator: Hannah Enge


Motto: “Grandma Cheryl is my best friend” 

Hannah has worked with The Shed for the past six years, and over the years she has formed love for designs in all arenas and connecting with people. She has an extensive knowledge about marketing, PR, and brand management. Her natural eye for design and originality is how she is able to chose distinct clothing, photograph items, and to make a unified look. She self-created our website and continuously creates the look and feel for our home grown business on a daily basis. She also owns an ivory ball python, named Juniper, that Allison doesn’t like.